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Info Requirements For The Supporter Rank


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Staff member
The following requirements must be met in order to apply in the moderation area (as a supporter):

Requirements (supporter rank):
[!] Minimum age of 14 years
[!] Good grammar
[!] Acceptable microphone quality
[!] Experience
[!] Acceptable number of ban or mute points
[!] 24 hours of playing time

Your application must contain:
[!] Your Minecraft account name
[!] Information about yourself
[!] Your experiences
[!] Why we should take you
[!] Your motivation & goals (within the team)
[!] Around 500 words

> Depending on the day of the week and / or time zone, the processing time may vary. However, you should have a final answer after a week.

Questions like: "Is my application good?" or "When will my application be processed?" in the best case scenario, ensure that your application is rejected outright. So please be patient.

> Important note: Team members in the moderation area are brought into the team in stages. As a result of the application phase and the number of applicants, the processing of the applications can be delayed.

Are there any questions left? Then contact us via Ts³ ( or Discord (!
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